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Communications, Media & Marketing

The Communications, Media & Marketing Team will handle both internal and external/public communications (such as social media, content development, and email newsletters) and creation and distribution of merchandise.


The Advocacy Team will track local, state and federal legislation to create action alerts and demystify the processes so we can all effectively engage elected officials and candidates. The Advocacy team will work closely with the Education and Training Team.

Technology & Operations

The Technology & Operations Team will handle the behind-the-scenes logistics to keep things moving along and will work with all other teams. This team will maintain the Google calendar, event logistics and data input. 

Campaigns & Elections

​The Campaigns & Elections Team will seek out qualified candidates to run for office, liaise with county parties, supply effective volunteer and grassroots support directed by campaigns, register voters, and track election news and info.

Education & Training

The Education & Training team will create and curate content,and work with other teams as needed to produce informative, instructive trainings and materials.  This team will ensure the NSS community is knowledgeable about the issues and prepared to take action, support progressive candidates, and hold elected officials accountable.

Collaborative Alliances

The Collaborative Alliances Team will seek out, develop, and nurture relationships with local and national organizations who align with our NSS values. Additionally, they will seekto identify and coordinate opportunities for collaboration and activism with these groups.

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