You have questions. You're normal.

Q: Can I bring a sample ballot or list with me to the polls? A: Paper is fine, phones are a big NO-NO.

Q: I'm totes going to take a selfie when I'm voting. Is that cool? A: Nope. Not cool. It's illegal actually. Please don't.
Q: Can I wear my campaign paraphernalia and all my flair and/or buttons?
A: NO. NO you can't. If you find yourself in a bind wearing an endorsement shirt, just turn it inside out.

Q: What if I show up and there are issues and they say I can't vote. Can I still vote? A: YES. HELL YES. Ask for a provisional ballot.

Q: Am I a good person? A: You're the best! You're a voter! Now make sure to #PostThePeach... after you leave your voting location.

#PostThePeach real world example